Not a good week for cooking….

Well, this was one of those weeks. Had two dinners with people I work with — one at a great trendy Mexican restaurant on the water in Boston — and worked late a couple other nights. Then when I went to try a new recipe, I was missing some ingredients 🙁 Have to remedy that when I go shopping this week.

The lesson learned here is to pay attention and double check the shopping list for the week. The best laid plans and all that…..

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Is it worth making a single serving of Shrimp Creole

So many dishes are made by the pot, but I figured I’d give Shrimp Creole a try. I’m not sure the spices will work when you get down to a single serving, but nothing a little tabasco and Filé powder won’t fix 🙂

This was a fun meal to cook, the smell of sauteing the trinity fills the room. I started the rice late, so it took around 45 minutes from start to finish. But other then that, it came out well. If you cook this you might want to cut down on the rice a bit, I’m on the fence on meals like this if I should cook 1/2 or 1/3 cup of rice.

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Lamb Kabobs

I cook a lot on the grill and kabobs are about as easy as it gets. Usually I’ll just throw them on with some pepper, but this recipe calls for a marinade, so you have to prep it in the morning if you want it ready when you get home for work.

I’m not sure if I prefer the meat grilled with salt & pepper or with a marinade, but it’s nice to have the variety. The lamb had a nice flavor from the marinade and also seemed a bit more tender which was nice.

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Beef Curry


This one is one of my staple dinners. Since I’m no Martha Stewart the curry paste comes out of the jar. This is just a variation of the menu on the jar, but the proportions give me the right level of heat and has a little more meat per serving.

When one of my son’s is home from college, it’s a meal that he can have ready when I get home since it takes me longer to get home then it does to prepare this.

Beef Curry

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First Meal

After looking through some recipe books, I decided to try some classics that I’d usually prepare for a family sized meal. So instead of turkey with cornbread stuffing, I decided to go with a roasted chicken quarter and oyster cornbread stuffing.

Well that was tasty! Not too much leftovers, two cornbread muffins and one serving of dressing. And the other thing I’m trying to avoid is wasted ingredients, but 8 oz is the smallest can of oysters and using half a can is, shall we say, liberal…

But prep and cooking time was just under 45 minutes and the cleanup was minimal. So this one gets added to my rotation.

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Dinner for one

Well it’s official, I’m home alone and need to start cooking dinner for one. Now it’s time to figure out which recipes scale down to a single serving.

Well, that’s not the only goal 🙂 It needs to taste great, not use a microwave, not take a ton of time, and be a full sized portion.

So if that sounds like what dinner at your house should or could be, then stay tuned and join in the conversation. And you have your own favorite dinner for one, please share it.

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