Classic Red Beans and Rice for One

Revisited an old recipe that I created almost 20 years ago when I realized that a full pot of Red Beans was too much food for two and that I didn’t want to wait until I had leftover ham to make it.  This recipe takes it down from a large pot to a skillet and makes enough for 2 or 1 with leftovers.

Recipe for Red Beans and Rice.

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Almost a month and no posts?

Hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Between getting busy at work, busy over Christmas, taking an online course and having my son’s come home from college, there wasn’t much time left for experimenting with new recipes and blogging.

But, I do have two new cajun cookbooks arriving next week, my project at work winds down next week and there have been some interesting recipes posted to foodbuzz that I need to try out…..

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Happiness is a Hot Roux

Finally found the perfect Shrimp Étouffée recipe.  This one is from a Junior League cookbook from Monroe County, Louisiana and uses a classic roux followed by the trinity of onions, green peppers, and celery to capture that deep rich flavor I was looking for.

A good cast iron skillet is the trick to produce a perfect roux in a minimum amount of time.

Next time I’ll try not to take the picture through the steam; but for now I’ll let you imagine the smell filling your kitchen.   Enjoy!


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Almost back to Meals for One

Well, Thanksgiving found me with a full house with both of my son’s home from college, so no meals for one here 🙂

Tonight was a meal for two, cooked up some tandori chicken, spiced rice, and a variation on a dum aloo recipe. Since I don’t use a pressure cooker, it was very much a variation!

The rice was a little bland, I think next time I’ll do a coconut rice to add a little sweetness to the meal. Next time I’ll work on getting the portions down to a single serving and post the recipe.

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Lentils & Eggplant

I’ve decided to try to get more vegetables into my dinners, so what could be better then an Indian dish with Lentils or Eggplant? Now I have to confess I’ve never actually had an Indian dish with Lentils or Eggplant, and I actually don’t like Eggplant when it’s used as a meat substitute. But why should that stop me!

After searching the web, it turns out that this is a very popular combination and the ideal of roasting the eggplant to get a nice smokey flavor seemed like it should do the trick. Then I just needed to find a recipe that used the ingredients I had — sorry no fenugeek seeds and I’m still not keen on the idea of buying any since contaminated seeds were the cause of the latest pan-European e coli crisis.

Since Mark was probably coming home from school for Thanksgiving today, I decided to make this for lunch since he wouldn’t care for this one. 6 hours later I’m still stuffed! (I’ve reduced the amount of lentils in the recipe!) So consider this a very hearty meal.

Recipe: Lentils with Roasted Eggplant

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Love-Hate Relationship with Chipotle Chiles en adobo

After two failed attempts to down-size a Taco Casserole recipe that uses Chipotle Chiles en adobo, I realize that I’ve entered into a love-hate relationship with that tiny can of roasted chiles.  I love the rich smokey depth that it gives the dish, yet I hate that I can’t actually taste it for the fiery heat.  I now have a jar of pureed Chiles en adobo in the refrigerator and am hopeful that I’ll zero in on the right amount to use.

Here’s a sneak peek at the dish I’m still working on:

It looks good, but was too hot to finish 🙁

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