One month with my FitBit

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve taken a stroll through the Healthy Gadget aisle at Amazon and have been playing with my fitbit and a new Withing’s scale.  Of course now that my fitbit records every step I take, I need to record every calorie I eat.  I figure if it’s worth doing, it must be worth blogging about so here I am.  I’ve now added a new section to the blog called Healthy Living and I’m slowly adding nutritional information to all my recipes.

The good news is that in 30 days I’ve finally gotten back in the habit of going to the gym and have kicked “most” of the late evening snack attacks.  The result is the loss of around 8 lbs and slightly lower blood pressure (and yes I bought that gadget too!).

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Littlenecks and Pasta

If you’ve got a local fish market that sells fresh shell fish then I’d recommend heading over and grabbing a half dozen hardshell clams (littlenecks here in Rhode Island) and giving this one a try.  It’s a very simple recipe:  some littlenecks, some wine, some garlic, some pasta… Well you get the idea.  30 minutes and one skillet later you’re in business.

You’ll find my recipe for this Spicy Seafood Pasta dish under Fusion since it a combination of local seafood and draws it’s inspiration from a Mediterranean/Spanish style dishes.


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Organizing the Spice Shelf

Buying spices is challenging when you’re cooking for one.  The warehouse club, super sized spices offer a good price, but buying a 5 year supply isn’t a good idea since the spices will go stale.  At the same time, the smaller jars in the spice section of the local super market are seriously over-priced.  I’ve found that the spices in the ethnic food sections are priced much lower.  Buying a small bag of bay leaves is the perfect combination of lower price and larger quantity.  Combine that with online purchases and I found that my spice shelf had a mix of warehouse sized spice packs, regular spice jars, and a pile of bags.

My solution to this mess was to use some old jelly canning jars I had.  These are large enough to hold those oversized bags of spices, and if you cut the label off the bag and tape it to the jar they look pretty good too.  If you don’t have any, they should be in your local supermarket or Walmart this spring when the jelly & jam making season begins.

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Baked Cauliflower with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

I was flipping through my cookbooks again looking for something new to cook.  And as I’m also on a little bit of a health kick having just got my new fitbit (which tracks how active you are, your calories, weight, etc…..) I decided to try another vegetarian dish.  This recipe is less spicy then the Aloo Phujia recipe, although you could definitely spice it up with some red pepper flakes.  I’ve downsized the recipe from the original and added some olives.  This is a simple dish that you could easily play around with, adding some clams or calamari or white wine all seem like good ideas.

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Vegetarian Kick

I seem to have gotten on a vegetarian kick this week. Yesterday was Indian with potatoes and cauliflower and tonight was eggplant with lentils. I’ve posted the eggplant and lentils recipe before and just realized I need to post some of the scribbled recipes that are sitting on the kitchen counter!

So stay tuned for a few more meals for one 🙂

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Pork Fried Rice

Well, the boys are back at school and I’m getting back into the swing of cooking meals for one. Tonight was a simple Pork Fried Rice. Very similar to the Thai Fried Rice recipe and a quick google will turn up as many variations as you’re willing to look at! Tonight’s meal used a 1/4 of a pork loin, half an onion, some scallions, about a quarter of a red pepper, soy sauce, an egg and garlic — and rice of course. The meal takes about 20 minutes with the rice taking the most time. While there’s some difference in the recipes, I don’t really think it matters if you start or finish with the egg. You basically stir fry all the ingredients and then add the rice. Add soy sauce to taste and serve.

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