Lets try some chicken tonight

I’ve been doing a lot of vegetarian lately and decided that I felt like chicken.  But, I’m still on a lentil kick and it feels like a Morrocan kind of night.  So it seemed like the spices from the tagine chicken recipe would stand up to some lentils…so time to pour a glass of wine and start pulling out the spices.  You can check out the results of my new Morrocan Chicken Lentil stew recipe and let me know what you think.

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Oaxaca Style Lentils

I stumbled across this recipe while looking for a Mexican lentil meal and the combination of Plantain and Pineapple caught my eye.  Since I had never cooked plantain before I decided to give it a try.  It’s a mild and filling meal and not as sweet as I was expecting.  You could borrow some ingredients from the Madras Rice recipe and sweeten it up if you felt like it, but I’ll leave it the way it is.

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Moroccan Lentil Stew

Another in my series of Lentil dishes.  This one hails from Morocco and has a mild taste, but the use of lemon zest to offset the sweetness of the prunes provides a good balance.  The spices are mild, so stay tuned for an update with a bit more kick!  (http://www.meals4one.com/mediterranean/moroccan-lentil-stew-with-veal/)

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Spanish Fried Lentils with Chicken

I decided to try a Spanish Fried Rice using Red Lentils instead of rice to get another slow carb meal.  The red lentils cook up a little quicker then the regular green lentils, but make a little less.  They held up well to being fried with the onions and garlic and like the fried rice recipe, it seems to enhance the flavors.  I added a chicken thigh cooked with a little Chipotle Chiles en Adobo sauce to round out the meal.  This is going to go to the top of my “repeat dinner” list as it’s quick and very tasty!

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Lentils with Kale & Shrimp

Still trying out lentil based, slow carb meals.  This one used some leftover Kale and then added some shrimp sauteed in coconut milk.

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Gobi Dal

Another variation on Lentils. This one is sweeter with the addition of coconut milk.  The inspiration for the dish came from a number of different Gobi Dal recipes on the internet, but the one at http://www.indiasnacks.com is the closest to what I ended up cooking. I’d serve this with Coconut Rice or if you’re trying to cut back on “white” carbs you can serve alone.

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