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I live in New England and write about cooking meals for one. Follow Randy Hill on Google+.

Not all Blood Sausages are created equal

So the plan was to cook pirogi’s, kielbasa and peppers, but they had some blood sausage next to the kielbasa and I thought I’d give that a try. Turns out that after I got it home and read the fine … Continue reading

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Serves One Cookbook Review

Looking through for cookbooks tailored to cooking meals for one is an interesting experience. They either of the “men can’t cook” variety around how to boil water or use soup as the base for life. Or a famous chef’s … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon is when I leaf through the stack of cookbooks on the counter, wonder how many nights I’ll make it home in time to cook dinner, and plan out the meals for the week. This week I got some … Continue reading

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Orzo with Shrimp

Pulled another recipe out of the ‘ole recipe book to try. This one tastes good but is too complicated for a single serving. The original recipe has you cooking an orzo and feta cheese base, then cooking the shrimp, then … Continue reading

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Tagine Style Moroccan Chicken with Couscous

This should be a full week of cooking, only 1 late night planned so it’s time to try some of the recipes I hunted down last week. One of my favorite area’s in Disney’s Epcot center is Morocco. We had … Continue reading

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Another quick and easy meal

Everyone has their fall-back recipes that are quick and tasty. General Tsao’s Chicken is one of mine. I usually have all the ingredients on hand (peppers, onions, carrots all keep well) and thawing a single chicken breast is very quick. … Continue reading

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