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I live in New England and write about cooking meals for one. Follow Randy Hill on Google+.

Just switched over to Facebook Comments

I was browsing some other food blogs and ran across one that was using Facebook comments instead of the WordPress comment system. It looked nicer and seemed more useful so after a little experimenting we’re now on Facebook for our … Continue reading

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Moroccan Lemon & Olive Chicken

Still on a Moroccan kick, even picked up a new cookbook. Last night’s dinner was one I’ve seen a lot of recipes for, but wasn’t sure how it would come out. My version doesn’t use preserved lemons and I didn’t … Continue reading

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Getting too adventuresome….

Well the verdict is in.  Not every meal works out.  I tried a Moroccan chicken dish that had prunes, apricots, and a tamarind past substitute that had even more fruits.  Lets just say that it’s hard to judge what you’re trying to accomplish when you trying a cuisine that … Continue reading

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Catalan Fish Stew

I had a Catalan Fish Stew at the Naked Fish a couple weeks ago and I happened to be with someone who was from that region of Spain.  From how he described the dish he remembered, they were serving a … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos

Trying to catch up on testing new recipes so today I decided to do a lunch and a dinner.  For lunch it was Fish Tacos.  Lots of good recipes out there and one at had great reviews for it’s … Continue reading

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Seafood Paella

Finally have some time to try a new recipe. I love the look and taste of a seafood paella, but the question is does it scale down to a single serving meal? Well I went to the local fish market … Continue reading

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