Lentils & Eggplant

I’ve decided to try to get more vegetables into my dinners, so what could be better then an Indian dish with Lentils or Eggplant? Now I have to confess I’ve never actually had an Indian dish with Lentils or Eggplant, and I actually don’t like Eggplant when it’s used as a meat substitute. But why should that stop me!

After searching the web, it turns out that this is a very popular combination and the ideal of roasting the eggplant to get a nice smokey flavor seemed like it should do the trick. Then I just needed to find a recipe that used the ingredients I had — sorry no fenugeek seeds and I’m still not keen on the idea of buying any since contaminated seeds were the cause of the latest pan-European e coli crisis.

Since Mark was probably coming home from school for Thanksgiving today, I decided to make this for lunch since he wouldn’t care for this one. 6 hours later I’m still stuffed! (I’ve reduced the amount of lentils in the recipe!) So consider this a very hearty meal.

Recipe: Lentils with Roasted Eggplant

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