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Looking through for cookbooks tailored to cooking meals for one is an interesting experience. They either of the “men can’t cook” variety around how to boil water or use soup as the base for life. Or a famous chef’s idea of “tossing a few things together” for a gourmet feast for one. Neither of which helps me figure out what I can plan on having for dinner when I get home at 6:30 — and like tonight forgot to pull anything out from the freezer.

One book that had good reviews was Serves One: Super Meals for Solo Cooks by Toni Lydecker. Available used for $4.00 including shipping (and 2 day amazon prime shipping at that!)

Leafing through it tonight I’m struck that there’s no pictures and that there’s a lot of filler. I mean really, a section on salads? I think we can figure out how to make a basic salad or a Caesar salad. Soups? From plenty of those in all my “regular” cookbooks. On to the pasta dishes….First recipe is… spaghetti with butter and cheese…Hope this gets better.

Stove top cooking, first two of three are: Cooking a steak with pepper in it (seriously) and chicken fingers. OK so we’re off to a very slow start and there’s a lot of fillers in here.

But maybe there are some recipe’s that I might actually try? Shellfish Steamer for one is promising, a Belgian beef stew that uses two bottles of dark beer? interesting….a mini-meatloaf or a single Cornish Hen ok so there’s a few in here.

Things were looking up until I got to the section of sandwiches and then even found a recipe for french toast

My recommendation: You can skip this one.

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